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Company Overview

World's leading provider of multimedia communication technology

Expert in NGN Multimedia Communication Solutions

World's leading provider in corporate communication products and application solutions

One of the world's fastest growing independent software vendors

V2 Technology Inc. is a trustworthy provider for multimedia communication products and solutions. The company boasts well-known multimedia communications product R&D, production and multi-service operational capabilities, strict quality standard and multimedia communications project delivery process. V2 Technology Inc. can provide numerous industries with excellent products, services and business solutions via Internet, Telecom and Cable networks.

V2 Technology Inc.(operation center) is based in the hinterland of Zhongguancun in Haidian District, Beijing, China, adjacent to Microsoft Corp. and Tsinghua University. Since 2000, V2 Technology Inc. has been dedicated to providing customers with cutting-edge multimedia communication products and solutions. Nowadays the number of our customers has totaled more than 5000 around the globe, and they are from various sectors such as the government, manufacturing, energy, retail, healthcare, transport and logistics, telecommunications, finance, education, and many other fields.

V2 Technology Inc. has various multimedia communication products including V2 video conferencing system, and its market share and customer satisfaction ranks the best for 10 consecutive years. The company has been certified as High-tech Enterprise in China and has produced a number of independent patent technologies which can support HD 1080P video conferencing and ten thousand concurrent user capacity video conferencing. Beijing V2 Technology Ltd. Co. keeps strict compliance with ISO9001:2008 quality system and other quality and safety standards, and receives many industry awards. V2 Technology Inc. has established 30 branch offices across China, providing cost effective and efficient services for customers in China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, as well as overseas markets.

V2's core value is to create value for our customers. The company has been consistently attentive to the needs of users, providing not only professional software products and services, but also professional tailored solutions. As the global leader in multimedia communications technology and with deep understanding of multimedia communications technologies and communication management solutions and prompt response to new technology, V2 Technology Inc. will continue to provide our global customers with cutting-edge, most stable and efficient overall solutions.